Cecilia de Jong 

is an artist who works primarily in watercolors and soft materials like cotton and vintage threads. Always working with acute attention to the essence of the materials and honoring their inherent authenticity, she centers her attention around exploring differences in outcome, within a confined and repetitive process that seeks to visualize experiences from her meditative practices. Very often, every process is visible in the final work, resulting in transparent and esoteric pieces that poses questions around existence and creation. 

“The motifs in my works are based on geometric shapes that are built around "the first dot", in Indian/Hindu terminology called "Bindu". I start out with a perforation where the needle from the compass meets the paper /cotton. From there I work methodically, but also to a certain extent spontaneously, to build a motif from this first dot and a central axis (or more). Regardless of whether I work with textiles or painting, the motifs are geometric and with a great focus on the process enabling a harmonious, meditative state.”





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